Struggling To Lose Weight?

Just like you, I used to struggle trying to lose weight. I’d wear clothes that hid my belly and I did my best to be more active, but I was never athletic or very fit.

I tried practically everything. Sometimes, I’d lose a little weight, but then I’d gain it right back. I tried all the usual stuff like dieting, exercising, even trying all the latest weight loss fads.

You see, the reason those things don’t usually work is that they are short term solutions that only address part of the problem.

For me personally, I’d sometimes lose some weight but I’d just be a slightly smaller version of myself, a smaller apple shape. My body didn’t actually look any better, it was just a little bit smaller. I was still soft and flabby and I didn’t look any better in a swimsuit. That was discouraging, and so I’d lose motivation and fall off the diet, back into old habits, and I’d gain all the weight back. I started exercising, which made me feel better, but my body didn’t actually change much.

I got a job teaching aerobics (yes, I’m that old!) and that’s when I really started to enjoy movement and exercising with music. I saw my body getting more fit and a little more toned, but I still had lots of fat on my belly and thighs.

I decided to become a Fitness Professional and expand my skills and knowledge, but I felt like I still needed to lose weight and get in better shape, so I made myself my first client.

I began weight training, and for the first time in my life, I saw my body actually changing! Adding some lean muscle to my frame helped me burn off some of the body fat, and I wasn’t a smaller apple anymore! I had a nice shape that was firm and toned!

I got excited about the changes and I started studying nutrition and learning about optimal health.

I became healthier and decreased my body fat while eating more food, not less!

I was exercising regularly, eating better and seeing a fit and lean body for the first time. But, I was afraid of gaining the weight back and I was really hard on myself. I felt bad if I missed a workout or ate too many calories. I looked better on the outside, but I was still unhealthy, unhappy and struggling inside.

Then one day I read an article on the “psychology of behavior change”. It intrigued me, and so I began studying mindset, habits, behavior change and how the brain drives all of our actions. This was the missing link and a complete life changer. I learned how we can actually re-program our brains, eliminate doubt and worry and change our habits permanently.

I wanted to help other women, so that they wouldn’t have to struggle like I did. So, I began teaching mindset and nutrition to my fitness clients and saw faster progress.

I perfected my system and developed a proprietary 4 Part Fitness Formula. It’s a step-by-step system that helps you lose weight and get in great shape, plus maintain your results forever.

If you’re ready to finally lose weight the healthy way, then I promise you’ll find my
program completely different from anything you've tried before.

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It’s my passion and my purpose to share this program, and to help you get healthy fit and end the weight loss struggle, once and for all.

Grab your copy of my ebook now, and let me know if you have any questions.

- Rose

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